Class XMLTreeEditor

  extended by ix.icore.IXAgent
      extended by ix.util.xml.XMLTreeEditor

public class XMLTreeEditor
extends IXAgent

An XML tree editor as a standalone application main program and I-X agent.

See Also:
XMLTreeEditFrame, XMLTreeEditPanel

Nested Class Summary
protected  class XMLTreeEditor.MessageFrame
          An editor frame for displaying any messages received by a tree editor acting as an I-X agent.
Field Summary
protected  XMLTreeEditFrame frame
protected  XMLTreeEditor.MessageFrame messageFrame
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
contactManager, displayName, eventLogger, exitHooks, initialDisplayName, ipcName, ipcStrategyName, iSimTimer, mainAgent, nameListeners, startupDate, startupHooks, symbolName, textFrame
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addTool(ToolController tc)
          Adds a tool, usually by adding an entry to a "Tools" menu in the GUI.
 void handleInput(IPC.InputMessage message)
          Handles external input in the form of an IPC.InputMessage that contains an object such as an Issue, Activity, or Report.
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
          Main program.
protected  void processCommandLineArguments()
          Command-line argument processing.
 void startup()
          Completes setup and initialization.
Methods inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
addAgentNameListener, addExitHook, addStartupHook, adjustLookAndFeel, displayMessage, do_mainStartup, ensureTool, exit, fireSymbolNameChanged, getAgent, getAgentDisplayName, getAgentIPCName, getAgentStartupDate, getAgentSymbolName, getContactManager, getEventLogger, getISimTimer, getKnownAgents, handleNewActivity, handleNewChatMessage, handleNewConstraint, handleNewIssue, handleNewReport, handleReceivedReport, installAgentExtensions, installAgentExtensions, isMainAgent, log, mainStartup, notePossibleNewContact, pre_handleInput, preprocessInput, reportInputException, setAgentSymbolName, setEventLogger, setupISimTimer, startServer
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Field Detail


protected XMLTreeEditFrame frame


protected XMLTreeEditor.MessageFrame messageFrame
Constructor Detail


public XMLTreeEditor()
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
Main program.


protected void processCommandLineArguments()
Command-line argument processing. There are at present no command-line arguments beyond those used by all IXAgents.

processCommandLineArguments in class IXAgent
See Also:


public void startup()
Completes setup and initialization.

startup in class IXAgent


public void handleInput(IPC.InputMessage message)
Description copied from class: IXAgent
Handles external input in the form of an IPC.InputMessage that contains an object such as an Issue, Activity, or Report. It calls one of handleNewIssue, handleNewReport, etc as appropriate.

handleInput in class IXAgent


public void addTool(ToolController tc)
Description copied from class: IXAgent
Adds a tool, usually by adding an entry to a "Tools" menu in the GUI. This method throws an exception that says tool additions are not supported; it should be overridden in subclasses that do allow tools.

addTool in class IXAgent