Uses of Interface

Packages that use ObjectMapper
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.reflect Reflection utilities. 

Uses of ObjectMapper in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement ObjectMapper
(package private)  class PlanInstaller.Pass1
          Constructs a copy of a plan in which each PlanVariable has been replaced by a Variable.
(package private)  class PlanMaker.Pass2
          Constructs a deep copy of a plan in which each Variable has been replaced by its value, if it has a value, or else by a PlanVariable.

Uses of ObjectMapper in ix.test

Classes in ix.test that implement ObjectMapper
(package private)  class FixDomain.Fixer
(package private) static class MatchChoiceTest.VarMaker

Uses of ObjectMapper in ix.util

Classes in ix.util that implement ObjectMapper
 class DeepCopier
          Copies Objects, recursively copying subobjects.
 class ObjectCopier
          Copies Objects.

Uses of ObjectMapper in ix.util.reflect

Methods in ix.util.reflect with parameters of type ObjectMapper
 java.lang.Object ClassDescr.mapObject(java.lang.Object obj, ObjectMapper mapper)