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Packages that use AbstractIXObject
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.icore.plan Classes for external / snapshot representation of processes. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 

Uses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore

Subclasses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore
 class Activity
          An Activity.
 class Issue
          An Issue.
 class Report
          A report sent from another agent.
 class TaskItem
          Something an agent might be asked to do or to handle.

Uses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore.domain

Subclasses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore.domain
 class Constrainer
          A common superclass for Constraint and Ordering.
 class Constraint
          A general-purpose container for constraint information.
 class Domain
          A Domain contains descriptions of ways to refine activities by expanding them into subactivities and adding constraints.
 class ObjectClass
 class Ordering
          A probably temporary representation of temporal "before" constraints.
 class Refinement
          A Refinement describes one way to carry out a possible activity in a process being modelled.
 class VariableDeclaration

Uses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore.plan

Subclasses of AbstractIXObject in ix.icore.plan
 class AbstractPlanItem
          Common superclass for PlanIssue and PlanNode.
 class AbstractRefinement
 class DomainAsPlan
          A plan constructed from a domain that's meant to represent a plan.
 class Plan
          Represents a plan in a form that can be converted to XML, etc.
 class PlanAsDomain
          A plan represented as a domain.
 class PlanIssue
          Wraps an Issue when it appears in a plan.
 class PlanIssueRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanIssue.
 class PlanNode
          Wraps an Activity when it appears in a plan.
 class PlanObject
          Base class for most classes in this package.
 class PlanRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanNode.
 class PlanVariable
          A variable that can appear in patterns in a plan.
 class PlanVariableDeclaration
          Introduces a PlanVariable.

Uses of AbstractIXObject in ix.ip2

Subclasses of AbstractIXObject in ix.ip2
 class WaitForReportsActivity
          An activity that waits for reports re something sent to another agent.