Uses of Interface

Packages that use HasStatus
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.process Classes for representing processes. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 

Uses of HasStatus in ix.icore

Classes in ix.icore that implement HasStatus
 class Activity
          An Activity.
 class Issue
          An Issue.
 class TaskItem
          Something an agent might be asked to do or to handle.

Uses of HasStatus in ix.icore.process

Classes in ix.icore.process that implement HasStatus
 class PNode
          A node that represents an action or acticity in a process.
 class PNodeEnd
          One end of a PNode.

Uses of HasStatus in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement HasStatus
 class ActivityAgenda.OtherReportsActivity
          An activity specialised for receiving "other reports" -- reports that aren't directed to any other Issue or Activity.
 class ActivityItem
          An AgendaEntry to represents an activity.
 class AgendaItem
          An entry in an Agenda.
 class IssueItem
          An AgendaEntry that represents an Issue.
 class WaitForReportsActivity
          An activity that waits for reports re something sent to another agent.
 class WaitForReportsItem
          An agenda entry for a WaitForReportsActivity.

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type HasStatus
protected  void ItemEditor.addStatus(java.util.List lines, java.lang.String prefix, HasStatus h)

Uses of HasStatus in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type HasStatus
protected  void PlanCheckingSimulator.wrongStatusProblem(HasStatus h, Status correct)