Uses of Interface

Packages that use IXObject
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.icore.plan Classes for external / snapshot representation of processes. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iview Viewers. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 

Uses of IXObject in ix.icore

Classes in ix.icore that implement IXObject
 class AbstractIXObject
          Provides an implementation of the IXObject interface.
 class Activity
          An Activity.
 class Issue
          An Issue.
 class Report
          A report sent from another agent.
 class TaskItem
          Something an agent might be asked to do or to handle.

Uses of IXObject in ix.icore.domain

Classes in ix.icore.domain that implement IXObject
 class Constrainer
          A common superclass for Constraint and Ordering.
 class Constraint
          A general-purpose container for constraint information.
 class Domain
          A Domain contains descriptions of ways to refine activities by expanding them into subactivities and adding constraints.
 class ObjectClass
 class Ordering
          A probably temporary representation of temporal "before" constraints.
 class Refinement
          A Refinement describes one way to carry out a possible activity in a process being modelled.
 class VariableDeclaration

Uses of IXObject in ix.icore.plan

Classes in ix.icore.plan that implement IXObject
 class AbstractPlanItem
          Common superclass for PlanIssue and PlanNode.
 class AbstractRefinement
 class DomainAsPlan
          A plan constructed from a domain that's meant to represent a plan.
 class Plan
          Represents a plan in a form that can be converted to XML, etc.
 class PlanAsDomain
          A plan represented as a domain.
 class PlanIssue
          Wraps an Issue when it appears in a plan.
 class PlanIssueRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanIssue.
 class PlanNode
          Wraps an Activity when it appears in a plan.
 class PlanObject
          Base class for most classes in this package.
 class PlanRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanNode.
 class PlanVariable
          A variable that can appear in patterns in a plan.
 class PlanVariableDeclaration
          Introduces a PlanVariable.

Uses of IXObject in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement IXObject
 class WaitForReportsActivity
          An activity that waits for reports re something sent to another agent.

Uses of IXObject in ix.iview

Methods in ix.iview that return IXObject
 IXObject AbstractUISetEditor.getBaseObject(Named object)
 IXObject GrammarEditorPanel.GrammarFormPanel.getConstruct()
 IXObject GlobalFormPanel.getConstruct()
 IXObject ConstructEditing.getConstruct()
          Gets the current construct.
 IXObject ActionFormPanel.getConstruct()
          Gets the current construct.
 IXObject AROEditorPanel.AROFormPanel.getConstruct()
 IXObject AConstructEditorPanel.getConstruct()
          Gets the current construct.

Methods in ix.iview with parameters of type IXObject
 void GrammarEditorPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Put a given construct of the panel's type into the panel ready for editing
 void GrammarEditorPanel.GrammarFormPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
 void GlobalFormPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
 void DomainEditorFrame.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Sets the given construct as the current one and displays it for editing.
 void DomainEditor.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Sets the given construct as the current one and displays it for editing.
 void ConstructFraming.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Puts a given domain construct of the panel's type into the panel ready for editing
 void ConstructEditing.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Sets the current construct.
 void ActionFormPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Sets the current construct.
 void AROEditorPanel.AROFormPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
 void AConstructFramePanel.setConstruct(IXObject object)
          Sets the given construct to be viewed/edited.
 void AConstructEditorPanel.setConstruct(IXObject construct)
          Sets the current construct.

Uses of IXObject in ix.iview.domain

Methods in ix.iview.domain that return IXObject
 IXObject UIRefinement.getBaseObject()
 IXObject UIObjectClass.getBaseObject()
 IXObject UIObject.getBaseObject()
          Gets the object that corresponds to this one in the domain.
 IXObject UIEditableObject.getBaseObject()
 IXObject UIDomain.getBaseObject()
 IXObject UIRefinement.getOriginal()
 IXObject UIObjectClass.getOriginal()
 IXObject UIObject.getOriginal()
          Gets the object that corresponds to this one in the original domain.
 IXObject UIDomain.getOriginal()
 IXObject UIRefinement.makeBaseObject()
 IXObject UIObjectClass.makeBaseObject()
 IXObject UIObject.makeBaseObject()
          Makes an empty object of the right class that can represent this UIObject in the domain.
 IXObject UIDomain.makeBaseObject()

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type IXObject
 void UIDomain.addedObject(UIObject uio, IXObject original)
          from UIRefinement and UIObjectClass when they are created
 UIObject UIDomain.getUIObject(IXObject object)
 UIObject UIDomain.newUIObject(IXObject object)
 void UIRefinement.setBaseObject(IXObject object)
 void UIObjectClass.setBaseObject(IXObject object)
 void UIObject.setBaseObject(IXObject object)
          Sets the object that will represent this one in the domain.
 void UIDomain.setBaseObject(IXObject object)

Uses of IXObject in ix.test

Fields in ix.test declared as IXObject
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.Link.from
(package private)  IXObject

Methods in ix.test that return IXObject
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.findParent(IXObject item)
          Returns the item's parent, if it has one; otherwise, returns null.
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.Link.getFrom()
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.Link.getTo()
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.IXObjectForId(java.lang.String id)
          Returns the I-X object made from the Compendium node with the given id.

Methods in ix.test with parameters of type IXObject
(package private)  void CompendiumToIX.addLinksAnnotation(IXObject item, IXObject parent)
          Gives the item an annotation with key CompendiumToIX.K_LINKS and value a list of link descriptions.
(package private)  void CompendiumToIX.addNodeAnnotations(IXObject item, org.jdom.Element elt)
          Give the IXObject any "standard" annotations derived from the Compendium node.
(package private)  IXObject CompendiumToIX.findParent(IXObject item)
          Returns the item's parent, if it has one; otherwise, returns null.
(package private)  java.util.List CompendiumToIX.getLinks(IXObject from)
          Returns the list of CompendiumToIX.Links that go from the specified IXObject.
(package private)  java.util.List CompendiumToIX.objectsLinkedFrom(IXObject from)
(package private)  java.util.List CompendiumToIX.objectsLinkedFrom(IXObject from, java.lang.Class filterCondition)

Constructors in ix.test with parameters of type IXObject
CompendiumToIX.Link(IXObject from, IXObject to)