Uses of Class

Packages that use ObjectClass
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 

Uses of ObjectClass in ix.icore.domain

Methods in ix.icore.domain that return ObjectClass
 ObjectClass Domain.getNamedObjectClass(java.lang.String name)

Methods in ix.icore.domain with parameters of type ObjectClass
 void Domain.addObjectClass(ObjectClass c)
 void Domain.deleteObjectClass(ObjectClass c)
 void Domain.replaceObjectClass(ObjectClass old, ObjectClass neu)

Uses of ObjectClass in ix.iface.domain

Methods in ix.iface.domain that return ObjectClass
(package private)  ObjectClass LTF_Parser.makeObjectClass(LList def)

Methods in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type ObjectClass
(package private)  void TF_Writer.outObjectClass(ObjectClass c)
(package private)  void LTF_Writer.outObjectClass(ObjectClass c)

Uses of ObjectClass in ix.iview.domain

Fields in ix.iview.domain declared as ObjectClass
protected  ObjectClass UIObjectClass.baseObject

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type ObjectClass
 java.util.List UIObjectClass.collectChanges(ObjectClass original)
          Collects the differences between this object and the given one.
 java.util.List UIObjectClass.collectChanges(ObjectClass original, java.lang.String which)
 boolean UIObjectClass.hasChanged(ObjectClass original)
 boolean UIObjectClass.isEmpty(ObjectClass oc)
          If the original specifications are empty

Constructors in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type ObjectClass
UIObjectClass(UIDomain uiDomain, ObjectClass original)