Uses of Class

Packages that use Ordering
ix.icore.plan.inspect Utilities for examining plans. 
ix.icore.process Classes for representing processes. 
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 

Uses of Ordering in ix.icore.plan.inspect

Methods in ix.icore.plan.inspect with parameters of type Ordering
 void OrderingVisitor.visit(Ordering ord)

Uses of Ordering in ix.icore.process

Methods in ix.icore.process with parameters of type Ordering
static void PNodeEnd.addOrdering(java.util.Map idToNodeMap, Ordering ord)

Uses of Ordering in ix.iface.domain

Methods in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type Ordering
(package private)  void TF_Writer.outOrdering(Ordering ord)
(package private)  void LTF_Writer.outOrdering(Ordering ord)

Uses of Ordering in ix.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 that return Ordering
(package private)  Ordering PlanMaker.makeOrdering(PNodeEnd before, PNodeEnd after)

Uses of Ordering in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type Ordering
 void TimePointNet.addOrdering(java.util.Map idToNodeMap, Ordering ord)

Uses of Ordering in ix.iview.domain

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type Ordering
 void UIRefinement.addOrdering(Ordering newValue)
static boolean UIRefinement.constraintMentionsNode(Ordering o, Name nodeId)

Uses of Ordering in ix.iview.util

Methods in ix.iview.util with parameters of type Ordering
static boolean IVUtil.checkNodeRefConsistency(UIRefinement uir, Ordering o)
          This should be a method within Orderings and Constraints!
static java.lang.String IVUtil.printOrdering(Ordering ordering)

Uses of Ordering in ix.test

Methods in ix.test with parameters of type Ordering
(package private)  LList OPlanPSGraph.orderingToList(Ordering ord)

Method parameters in ix.test with type arguments of type Ordering
(package private) static java.util.List OrderingNotationTest.unexpandOrderings(java.util.List<Ordering> orderings)
          Turns a list of Orderings into the notation used in LTF.