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Packages that use AutoTester
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.test.xml Experiments with new classes that could be converted to and from XML. 

Uses of AutoTester in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type AutoTester
 AutoTester.TestRunner PlanTestGroup.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Returns a TestRunner that tells the AutoTester to remember this group.
 AutoTester.TestRunner PlanTestDefaults.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Returns a TestRunner that tells the AutoTester to use this PlanTest for default values.
 AutoTester.TestRunner PlanTest.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Factory method that returns a new TestRunner that should be used to run this test.
 AutoTester.TestRunner ExpandPlanTestGroup.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Returns a TestRunner that will run the tests in the group.
protected  void ExpandPlanTestGroup.runGroupTests(AutoTester auto, PlanTestGroup group)

Uses of AutoTester in ix.test.xml

Fields in ix.test.xml declared as AutoTester
(package private)  AutoTester
(package private)  AutoTester
(package private)  AutoTester

Methods in ix.test.xml with parameters of type AutoTester
 AutoTester.TestRunner TrainsTest.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
 AutoTester.TestRunner MissionaryTest.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Returns a TestRunner that runs an extra simulation.
 AutoTester.TestRunner BlockStackingTest.makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)

Constructors in ix.test.xml with parameters of type AutoTester
BlockStackingTest.BlockTestRunner(BlockStackingTest test, AutoTester auto)
MissionaryTest.MissionaryTestRunner(MissionaryTest test, AutoTester auto)
TrainsTest.TrainsTestRunner(TrainsTest test, AutoTester auto)