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Packages that use CatchingThread
ix.ip2.test Classes for test-menu entries. 
ix.iquery I-Q, an I-X Query agent. 
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.ipc Interprocess communication utilities. 

Uses of CatchingThread in ix.ip2.test

Subclasses of CatchingThread in ix.ip2.test
(package private)  class PanelTest.SendingThread
          Stoppable thread for sending a series of messages.

Uses of CatchingThread in ix.iquery

Subclasses of CatchingThread in ix.iquery
protected  class IQuery.LookupThread
          A thread that invokes a LookupHandler.

Uses of CatchingThread in ix.ispace

Subclasses of CatchingThread in ix.ispace
(package private)  class GroupSender.SendingThread

Uses of CatchingThread in ix.util

Subclasses of CatchingThread in ix.util
 class TransferThread
          A thread that processes a message queue.

Uses of CatchingThread in ix.util.ipc

Subclasses of CatchingThread in ix.util.ipc
static class SerializedCommunicationStrategy.ObjectStreamNameServer
          A Thread that acts as a name-server on a specified port.
static class SerializedCommunicationStrategy.ObjectStreamServer
          A Thread that accepts connections to a ServerSocket and creates an object-reading thread for each connection.