Package ix.util.ipc

Interprocess communication utilities.


Interface Summary
ParameterizedCommStrategy A communication strategy that can be given parameters that are usually the names of other communication strategies or communication strategy expressions.

Class Summary
ObjectStreamConnection A Connection that is used to send and receive serialized objects via a socket.
SerializedCommunicationStrategy A communication strategy in which a destination is mapped to a host and port number, and objects are sent by writing their serialization to a socket.
SerializedCommunicationStrategy.ObjectStreamNameServer A Thread that acts as a name-server on a specified port.
SerializedCommunicationStrategy.ObjectStreamServer A Thread that accepts connections to a ServerSocket and creates an object-reading thread for each connection.
ServiceAddress An object that contains a host name and a port number.
SimpleNameServer Standalone name-server for "simple" and "xml" communication strategies.
TracingStrategy A wrapper strategy that describes the input and output as XML.
WrapperStrategy A communication strategy that is wrapped around another, "inner", strategy.

Package ix.util.ipc Description

Interprocess communication utilities.