Class SimpleNameServer.MiniAgent

  extended by ix.icore.IXAgent
      extended by ix.util.ipc.SimpleNameServer.MiniAgent
Enclosing class:

static class SimpleNameServer.MiniAgent
extends IXAgent

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contactManager, displayName, eventLogger, exitHooks, initialDisplayName, ipcName, ipcStrategyName, iSimTimer, mainAgent, nameListeners, startupDate, startupHooks, symbolName, textFrame
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void processCommandLineArguments()
          Handles command-line arguments common to all I-X agents.
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleNameServer.MiniAgent()
Method Detail


protected void processCommandLineArguments()
Description copied from class: IXAgent
Handles command-line arguments common to all I-X agents. At present, this method also makes any standard I-X changes to the look and feel.

The following are handled directly my this method:

debug is used to set Debug.on.

The name in -ipc=name argument will be interpreted by the IPC.makeCommunicationStrategy(String) method.

The name in the -icp-name=name argument sets the name that this agent calls itself for IPC and that is returned by the getAgentIPCName() method.

Needs further explanation of ipc-name, and of symbol-name and display-name. ...

The processCommandLineArguments method of this agent's contact manager is called to handle arguments that list relationships with other agents.

processCommandLineArguments in class IXAgent
See Also:
IFUtil.adjustLookAndFeel(), IPC.makeCommunicationStrategy(String methodName), ContactManager.processCommandLineArguments(), Debug.on, Parameters