Package ix.util.lisp

List-processing utilities.


Interface Summary
Interpreter.Env The context in which an expression is evaluated.
Interpreter.Function An object that represents a function that can be applied to arguments.
LispObject Tagging interface for Lisp objects

Class Summary
Cons Non-empty lists.
ConsEnumeration Cons enumerations.
DelimitedSymbol Symbols that would not parse as symbols without escaping.
EqMap A minimal HashMap-like mapping with == as the equality test.
Interpreter The skeleton of a progamming language interpreter.
Interpreter.AbstractFunction An implementation of Function that supplies some utility methods and implements part of the interface.
Interpreter.And A conditional AND.
Interpreter.Assignment An assignment to a variable.
Interpreter.Call A function call.
Interpreter.Closure An interpreted function.
Interpreter.Expr The root class for expressions.
Interpreter.If A simple conditional expression.
Interpreter.JFunction A function implemented in Java.
Interpreter.Lambda An expression whose value is a function closed in the environment in which this Lambda is evaluated.
Interpreter.Let An expression that binds variables and then evaluates an expression in the resulting environment.
Interpreter.Literal A reference to an object that is treated as a literal.
Interpreter.Or A conditional OR.
Interpreter.Sequence A sequence of expressions.
Interpreter.VarRef A reference to a variable.
Interpreter.While A while loop.
ItemVar Symbols used in patterns as variables that match a single object.
Keyword Keywords - symbols generally used as literals.
Lisp The class for static Lisp utilities.
LispFileReader A LispReader for files.
LispInterpreter An interpreter for a simple dialect of Lisp.
LispInterpreter.JavaNull Class used to create a single object that represents Java null.
LispPrinter Converts objects to printed representations.
LispProgramReader A LispReader for reading Lisp source code.
LispReader A LispReader can be used to read Objects using a Lisp-like syntax.
LispTokenizer A class to be extended by tokenizers that read a Lisp-like syntax.
LList Lisp-style lists.
LListCollector A Collector that uses an LList to hold the elements and that provides a number of different ways to add elements.
LListEnumeration List enumerations.
LListIterator An implementation of Iterator for LLists.
LListListIterator An implementation of ListIterator for LLists.
Null The class of Lisp.NIL, and of nothing else.
NullEnumeration Null enumerations.
NumberlikeSymbol Symbols that could parse as numbers.
ObjectHash Provides re-readable (within a JVM) names for objects.
SafeLispInterpreter A safe interpreter for a simple dialect of Lisp.
Symbol The root class for Lisp symbols.

Exception Summary
Interpreter.Error The root class for exceptions thrown for error conditions detected by an Interpreter or by an expression.
LispReadException The class of errors thrown by the Lisp reader.

Package ix.util.lisp Description

List-processing utilities.

The list classes in this package were first implemented before the Java collection classes were defined, although they have now been brought into the collection framework. They have been retained because they offer some features that are not provided by any of the java.util package collections and because they are useful for processing data that has a Lisp-like syntax.