Uses of Class

Packages that use MessageQueue
ix.applet Support for I-P2 applets. 
ix.examples A simple version of an I-X framework (PicoIX) plus examples of its use. 
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 

Uses of MessageQueue in ix.applet

Fields in ix.applet declared as MessageQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue MessageServer.User.connectionQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue MessageServer.User.messageQueue

Methods in ix.applet that return MessageQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue MessageServer.User.getConnectionQueue()
(package private)  MessageQueue MessageServer.User.getMessageQueue()

Uses of MessageQueue in ix.examples

Fields in ix.examples declared as MessageQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue PicoIX.IX_System.q
(package private)  MessageQueue PicoIX.Controller.q

Methods in ix.examples with parameters of type MessageQueue
protected  void PicoIX.Controller.addEventActivity(MessageQueue q)

Uses of MessageQueue in ix.iserve.ipc

Fields in ix.iserve.ipc declared as MessageQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue IServeCommServer.User.responseQueue

Uses of MessageQueue in ix.test

Fields in ix.test declared as MessageQueue
(package private)  MessageQueue Receiver.q

Constructors in ix.test with parameters of type MessageQueue
Receiver(MessageQueue q)

Uses of MessageQueue in ix.util

Fields in ix.util declared as MessageQueue
protected  MessageQueue TransferThread.queue