Uses of Class

Packages that use LispReader
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util.lisp List-processing utilities. 

Uses of LispReader in ix.iface.domain

Subclasses of LispReader in ix.iface.domain
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.IncludeReader
          Wrapper class used to read included resources.

Fields in ix.iface.domain declared as LispReader
protected  LispReader LTF_Parser.lin
(package private)  LispReader LTF_Parser.IncludeReader.pushedReader
(package private)  LispReader LTF_Parser.IncludeReader.wrappedReader

Constructors in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type LispReader
LTF_Parser.IncludeReader( resourceURL, resourceReader, LispReader readerToWrap)

Uses of LispReader in ix.test

Fields in ix.test declared as LispReader
(package private)  LispReader MatchChoiceTest.lin

Uses of LispReader in ix.util.lisp

Subclasses of LispReader in ix.util.lisp
 class LispFileReader
          A LispReader for files.
 class LispProgramReader
          A LispReader for reading Lisp source code.

Fields in ix.util.lisp declared as LispReader
protected  LispReader LispInterpreter.reader

Methods in ix.util.lisp that return LispReader
static LispReader Lisp.openForInput(java.lang.String resourceName)
static LispReader Lisp.openForInput( url)