Uses of Interface

Packages that use FileSyntax
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of FileSyntax in ix.iface.domain

Fields in ix.iface.domain declared as FileSyntax
protected  FileSyntax DomainParser.DomainParserWrapper.parser
protected  FileSyntax DomainWriter.DomainWriterWrapper.syntax

Constructors in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type FileSyntax
DomainParser.DomainParserWrapper( domainFile, FileSyntax parser)
DomainWriter.DomainWriterWrapper( domainFile, FileSyntax syntax)

Uses of FileSyntax in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement FileSyntax
static class Ip2XMLConfig.ChecklistFiles
          Checklist file syntax.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.HtmlFiles
          HTML file syntax for plan output.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.InitFiles
          ".init" (world state) file syntax.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.LPADFiles
          File syntax for plans represented as domains.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.LTFFiles
          LTF file syntax.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.OwlSFiles
          OWL-S file syntax.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.TextFiles
          Text file syntax for plan output.
static class Ip2XMLConfig.TFFiles
          TF file syntax.

Uses of FileSyntax in ix.util.xml

Classes in ix.util.xml that implement FileSyntax
 class AbstractFileSyntax
          Convenient base class for FileSyntaxes.
static class FileSyntax.RDFFiles
          RDF file syntax.
static class FileSyntax.XMLFiles
          XML file syntax

Fields in ix.util.xml declared as FileSyntax
protected  FileSyntax FileSyntaxManager.defaultSyntax

Methods in ix.util.xml that return FileSyntax
 FileSyntax FileSyntaxManager.getSyntax( file)
 FileSyntax FileSyntaxManager.getSyntax(java.lang.String filename)
 FileSyntax FileSyntaxManager.getSyntax( url)
 FileSyntax FileSyntaxManager.getSyntaxForType(java.lang.String fileType)

Methods in ix.util.xml with parameters of type FileSyntax
 void FileSyntaxManager.addSyntax(FileSyntax s)
 boolean FileSyntaxManager.canRead(FileSyntax syntax, java.lang.Class c)
 boolean FileSyntaxManager.canWrite(FileSyntax syntax, java.lang.Class c)
protected  void FileSyntaxManager.checkSyntax(FileSyntax syntax, java.lang.Class objClass, java.lang.String direction)
 void FileSyntaxManager.setDefault(FileSyntax s)

Constructors in ix.util.xml with parameters of type FileSyntax
SyntaxFileFilter(FileSyntax syntax)