Uses of Interface

Packages that use Sendable
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.ip2.test Classes for test-menu entries. 
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy.   
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.itest I-Test. 

Uses of Sendable in ix.ichat

Classes in ix.ichat that implement Sendable
 class ChatMessage
          An object to send when conducting chat dialogues.

Methods in ix.ichat with parameters of type Sendable
 void ChatFrame.ChatSendPanel.send(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)
 void ChatFrame.ChatSendPanel.sending(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)

Uses of Sendable in ix.icore

Classes in ix.icore that implement Sendable
 class Activity
          An Activity.
 class Issue
          An Issue.
 class Report
          A report sent from another agent.
 class TaskItem
          Something an agent might be asked to do or to handle.

Uses of Sendable in ix.icore.domain

Classes in ix.icore.domain that implement Sendable
 class Constraint
          A general-purpose container for constraint information.

Uses of Sendable in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement Sendable
 class WaitForReportsActivity
          An activity that waits for reports re something sent to another agent.

Uses of Sendable in ix.ip2.test

Fields in ix.ip2.test declared as Sendable
protected  Sendable TestItem.contents

Methods in ix.ip2.test that return Sendable
 Sendable TestItem.getContents()

Methods in ix.ip2.test with parameters of type Sendable
(package private)  void PanelTest.SendingThread.send(java.lang.String toName, Sendable contents)
(package private)  void PanelTest.sendTest(java.lang.String toName, Sendable contents)
protected  void TestSequenceGenerator.setContent(Sendable toSend, java.lang.String text)
 void TestItem.setContents(Sendable contents)

Constructors in ix.ip2.test with parameters of type Sendable
TestItem(java.lang.String menuText, Sendable contents)

Uses of Sendable in ix.iserve.ipc

Methods in ix.iserve.ipc that return Sendable
 Sendable LinearIXSyntax.decode(java.lang.String s)

Methods in ix.iserve.ipc with parameters of type Sendable
 java.lang.String LinearIXSyntax.encode(Sendable item)

Uses of Sendable in

Methods in that return Sendable
(package private)  Sendable SLReplyDecoder.decodeContents(java.lang.String contents)

Uses of Sendable in ix.ispace

Fields in ix.ispace declared as Sendable
protected  Sendable GroupSender.contents
(package private)  Sendable GroupSender.SendingThread.messageContents

Methods in ix.ispace with parameters of type Sendable
(package private)  void GroupSender.SendingThread.sendTo(java.lang.String toName, Sendable contents)

Constructors in ix.ispace with parameters of type Sendable
GroupSender(IXAgent agent, Sendable contents)

Uses of Sendable in ix.itest

Methods in ix.itest with parameters of type Sendable
protected  void SendPanel.send(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)
          Sends to the indicated destination.
 void SendPanel.sendCopy(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)
          Used to send things "as if by the Messenger".
protected  void SendPanel.sending(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)
          A hook to allow subclasses to see messages just before they're sent.
protected  void ItestFrame.ITestSendPanel.sending(java.lang.String destination, Sendable contents)
protected  void SendPanel.sendToGroup(Sendable contents)