Uses of Interface

Packages that use AgentNameListener
ix.applet Support for I-P2 applets. 
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.iface.ui I-X user interfaces. 
ix.iface.util Interface utilities. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy. 
ix.itest I-Test. 
ix.iview Viewers. 
ix.postix Minimal I-X Process Panels 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.applet

Classes in ix.applet that implement AgentNameListener
(package private)  class AppletCommunicationTool.ToolFrame.ToolTFrame

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.ichat

Classes in ix.ichat that implement AgentNameListener
 class ChatFrame
          A frame for chat dialogues.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.icore

Fields in ix.icore with type parameters of type AgentNameListener
protected  java.util.List<AgentNameListener> IXAgent.nameListeners

Methods in ix.icore with parameters of type AgentNameListener
 void IXAgent.addAgentNameListener(AgentNameListener listener)

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.iface.ui

Classes in ix.iface.ui that implement AgentNameListener
 class AboutFrame
          A frame with a menu bar to close it, and a scrollable, enabled, but non-editable text area.
 class HelpFrame
          A frame with a menu bar to close it, and a scrollable text
 class HTMLFrame
          A frame with a menu bar to close it, and a scrollable text
 class JFrameMT
          A frame with a menu bar, a tool bar, and file/about/exit dialogues.
 class JFrameMTP
          A frame with a set of panels.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.iface.util

Classes in ix.iface.util that implement AgentNameListener
 class SimpleToolFrame
          A basic utility frame for use in I-X agents.
 class ToolFrame
          The main frame of an I-X tool.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement AgentNameListener
 class AnnotationEditor
(package private) static class Ip2Applet.AppletIp2Frame
 class Ip2Frame
          The main frame of the I-P2 user interface.
(package private)  class Ip2Frame.HTMLViewer
(package private)  class Ip2Frame.Ip2HelpFrame
(package private)  class ItemEditor.TreeViewFrame
 class NewIp2Frame
          A revised version of the main frame of the I-P2 user interface.
(package private)  class ObjectWhiteboard.WhiteboardFrame
          An ObjectWhiteboard's GUI.
 class PanelFrame
          The main frame of an I-X panel user interface.
(package private)  class PropertyViewTable.ViewFrame

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.iplan

Classes in ix.iplan that implement AgentNameListener
 class IPlanFrame
          The main frame of the I-Plan user interface.
(package private)  class IPlanOptionTool.OptionToolFrame
(package private)  class IPlanTool.ToolFrame.PlanFrame

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.iserve.ipc

Classes in ix.iserve.ipc that implement AgentNameListener
(package private)  class IServeCommTool.ToolFrame.ToolTFrame

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.isim

Classes in ix.isim that implement AgentNameListener
 class ISimEventsFrame
 class ISimTimeFrame
          This class is used by an ISimTimer to display current simulated time.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.itest

Classes in ix.itest that implement AgentNameListener
 class ItestFrame
          The main frame of the I-Test user interface.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.iview

Classes in ix.iview that implement AgentNameListener
 class DomainEditorFrame
          An editor/viewer frame for domain details.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.postix

Classes in ix.postix that implement AgentNameListener
 class PostixFrame
          The main frame of the Postix user interface.

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.util

Classes in ix.util that implement AgentNameListener
 class TextAreaFrame.TFrame

Uses of AgentNameListener in ix.util.xml

Classes in ix.util.xml that implement AgentNameListener
 class XMLTreeEditFrame
          A frame that contains an XML editing panel.
protected  class XMLTreeEditor.MessageFrame
          An editor frame for displaying any messages received by a tree editor acting as an I-X agent.
protected  class XMLTreeNamespaceManager.NamespaceFrame
(package private)  class XMLTreeSendFrame
 class XMLTreeViewFrame
          A frame that contains an XML viewing panel.