Uses of Class

Packages that use Name
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.icore.plan Classes for external / snapshot representation of processes. Utilities for constructing plans. 
ix.icore.plan.inspect Utilities for examining plans. 
ix.icore.process Classes for representing processes. 
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iscript I-Script is a simple programming language. 
ix.itest I-Test. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.context Context-layering mechanism. 

Uses of Name in ix.ichat

Fields in ix.ichat declared as Name
protected  Name ChatMessage.senderId

Methods in ix.ichat that return Name
 Name ChatMessage.getSenderId()

Methods in ix.ichat with parameters of type Name
 void ChatMessage.setSenderId(Name id)

Uses of Name in ix.icore

Fields in ix.icore declared as Name
protected  Name
protected  Name TaskItem.ref
protected  Name Report.ref
protected  Name TaskItem.senderId
protected  Name Report.senderId

Methods in ix.icore that return Name
abstract  Name TaskItem.generateId()
 Name Issue.generateId()
 Name Activity.generateId()
 Name TaskItem.getForwardedTo()
 Name TaskItem.getId()
 Name TaskItem.getRef()
 Name Report.getRef()
 Name TaskItem.getSenderId()
 Name Sendable.getSenderId()
 Name Report.getSenderId()

Methods in ix.icore with parameters of type Name
 void TaskItem.setForwardedTo(Name toName)
 void TaskItem.setId(Name id)
 void TaskItem.setRef(Name ref)
 void Report.setRef(Name ref)
 void TaskItem.setSenderId(Name id)
 void Sendable.setSenderId(Name id)
 void Report.setSenderId(Name id)

Uses of Name in ix.icore.domain

Fields in ix.icore.domain declared as Name
protected  Name
protected  Name NodeEndRef.node
protected  Name AcrossNode.node
static Name NodeEndRef.SELF
protected  Name Constraint.senderId

Methods in ix.icore.domain that return Name
 Name NodeSpec.getId()
 Name NodeEndRef.getNode()
 Name AcrossNode.getNode()
 Name Constraint.getSenderId()

Methods in ix.icore.domain with parameters of type Name
 void NodeSpec.setId(Name id)
 void NodeEndRef.setNode(Name node)
 void AcrossNode.setNode(Name node)
 void Constraint.setSenderId(Name id)

Constructors in ix.icore.domain with parameters of type Name
AcrossNode(Name node)
NodeEndRef(End end, Name node)
NodeSpec(Name id, LList pattern)

Uses of Name in ix.icore.plan

Fields in ix.icore.plan declared as Name
protected  Name AbstractRefinement.expands
protected  Name AbstractPlanItem.expansion
protected  Name
protected  Name
protected  Name
protected  Name

Fields in ix.icore.plan with type parameters of type Name
protected  java.util.Map<Name,Activity> PlanAsDomain.idToActivityMap
protected  java.util.Map<Name,NodeSpec> DomainAsPlan.nodeIdToNodeSpecMap
protected  java.util.Map<Name,Refinement> DomainAsPlan.nodeIdToRefinementMap
protected  java.util.Map<Name,ItemVar> PlanAsDomain.planVarIdToItemVarMap

Methods in ix.icore.plan that return Name
 Name AbstractRefinement.getExpands()
 Name AbstractPlanItem.getExpansion()
 Name PlanVariableDeclaration.getId()
 Name PlanVariable.getId()
 Name AbstractRefinement.getId()
 Name AbstractPlanItem.getId()

Methods in ix.icore.plan that return types with arguments of type Name
(package private)  java.util.Map<Name,Activity> PlanAsDomain.makeIdToActivityMap(Plan plan)
(package private)  java.util.Map<Name,ItemVar> PlanAsDomain.makePlanVarIdToItemVarMap(Plan plan)

Methods in ix.icore.plan with parameters of type Name
 PlanIssueRefinement Plan.getPlanIssueRefinement(Name id)
 PlanRefinement Plan.getPlanRefinement(Name id)
 void AbstractRefinement.setExpands(Name expands)
 void AbstractPlanItem.setExpansion(Name expansion)
 void PlanVariableDeclaration.setId(Name id)
 void PlanVariable.setId(Name id)
 void AbstractRefinement.setId(Name id)
 void AbstractPlanItem.setId(Name id)

Constructors in ix.icore.plan with parameters of type Name
PlanIssue(Name id, Issue issue)
PlanNode(Name id, Activity activity)
PlanVariable(Name id, Symbol name)
PlanVariableDeclaration(Name id, Variable v)

Uses of Name in

Methods in that return Name
protected  Name ExamplePlanBuilder.genId(java.lang.String base)
          Generates a short id for use within the plan.

Uses of Name in ix.icore.plan.inspect

Methods in ix.icore.plan.inspect with parameters of type Name
protected  AbstractRefinement PlanInspector.getRefinement(Name id)

Uses of Name in ix.icore.process

Methods in ix.icore.process that return types with arguments of type Name
 java.util.Map<Name,PNode> PNode.getNameToChildMap()

Method parameters in ix.icore.process with type arguments of type Name
 void PNode.setNameToChildMap(java.util.Map<Name,PNode> map)

Uses of Name in ix.iface.domain

Methods in ix.iface.domain that return Name
protected static Name LTF_Parser.theNodeId(java.lang.Object o)
protected  Name LTF_Parser.thePlainNodeId(java.lang.Object o)

Methods in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type Name
protected  NodeEndRef LTF_Parser.theNodeEndRef(Name nodeId, End defaultEnd)

Uses of Name in ix.ip2

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as Name
(package private)  Name QueryHandler.AnswerHandler.AnswerAction.toRef

Methods in ix.ip2 that return Name
(package private)  Name PlanMaker.genId(java.lang.String base)

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Name
 AgendaItem Agenda.getItem(Name id)
(package private)  Variable PlanInstaller.getVariableFromId(Name id)

Constructors in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Name
QueryHandler.AnswerHandler.AnswerAction(java.lang.String toName, Name toRef, AgendaItem item)

Uses of Name in ix.iscript

Fields in ix.iscript declared as Name
protected  Name
protected  Name
protected  Name

Methods in ix.iscript that return Name
 Name VarRef.getName()
 Name Binding.getName()
 Name Assignment.getTo()

Methods in ix.iscript with parameters of type Name
 Assignment IScript.makeAssignment(Name name, Expression valExpr)
 Binding IScript.makeBinding(Name name, Expression valExpr)
 VarRef IScript.makeVarRef(Name name)
 void VarRef.setName(Name name)
 void Binding.setName(Name name)
 void Assignment.setTo(Name to)

Uses of Name in ix.itest

Methods in ix.itest with parameters of type Name
 void SendPanel.initReport(TaskItem item, Name reportTo, Name ref, ReportType type)
(package private)  void SendPanel.ReportControls.initReport(TaskItem item, Name reportTo, Name ref, ReportType type)

Uses of Name in ix.iview.domain

Methods in ix.iview.domain that return Name
 Name UIRefinement.getHighestNodeId()
static Name UIRefinement.getHighestNodeId(java.util.List nodes)
 Name UINodeSpec.getId()
 Name UIRefinement.getNewNodeId()

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type Name
static boolean UIRefinement.constraintMentionsNode(Constraint c, Name nodeId)
static boolean UIRefinement.constraintMentionsNode(Ordering o, Name nodeId)
 NodeSpec UIRefinement.findNode(Name id)
 void UINodeSpec.setId(Name id)

Uses of Name in ix.iview.igraph

Fields in ix.iview.igraph declared as Name
(package private)  Name
(package private)  Name

Methods in ix.iview.igraph that return Name
 Name NodePosition.getName()

Methods in ix.iview.igraph with parameters of type Name
 void NodePosition.setName(Name name)

Constructors in ix.iview.igraph with parameters of type Name
ExpansionModel.NodeComponent(UIDomain uiDomain, Name id)
ExpansionModel.NodeComponent(UIDomain uiDomain, Name id, LList pattern)
ExpansionModel.NodeComponent(UIDomain uiDomain, Name id, java.lang.String pattern)
NodePosition(Name name, double x, double y)

Uses of Name in ix.test

Methods in ix.test that return Name
 Name MakeRandomInstance.makeName()

Uses of Name in ix.util

Methods in ix.util that return Name
static Name Gensym.nextName(java.lang.String base)
          Calls the default generator's method Gensym.Generator.nextName(String).
 Name Gensym.Generator.nextName(java.lang.String base)
static Name Name.valueOf(java.lang.Object obj)
static Name Name.valueOf(java.lang.String name)

Uses of Name in ix.util.context

Methods in ix.util.context that return Name
 Name ContextGensym.Generator.nextName(java.lang.String base)