Uses of Class

Packages that use Constraint
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. Utilities for constructing plans. 
ix.icore.process Classes for representing processes. 
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.iface.ui I-X user interfaces. 
ix.iface.util Interface utilities. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iquery I-Q, an I-X Query agent. 
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy.   
ix.itest I-Test. 
ix.iview Viewers. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.test.xml Experiments with new classes that could be converted to and from XML. 
ix.util.match Pattern-matching utilities. 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of Constraint in ix.icore

Methods in ix.icore with parameters of type Constraint
 void Report.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void ConstraintManager.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void ConstraintManager.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void ConstraintManager.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd begin, Constraint c)
 void ConstraintManager.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd end, Constraint c)
 void IXAgent.handleNewConstraint(Constraint constraint)
          Handles new constraints from external sources.
 boolean ConstraintManager.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)

Constructors in ix.icore with parameters of type Constraint
GenericConstraint(Constraint constraint)

Uses of Constraint in ix.icore.domain

Methods in ix.icore.domain that return Constraint
 Constraint Constraint.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)

Uses of Constraint in

Methods in with parameters of type Constraint
 void PlanBuilder.addConstraint(Constraint c)
          Adds a top-level constraint to the plan.
 void ExamplePlanBuilder.addConstraint(Constraint c)

Uses of Constraint in ix.icore.process

Methods in ix.icore.process with parameters of type Constraint
 void ProcessModelManager.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void ProcessModelManager.deleteConstraint(Constraint c)
 ConstraintManager ProcessModelManager.getConstraintManager(Constraint c)
 ConstraintManager AbstractPMM.getConstraintManager(Constraint c)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iface.domain

Methods in ix.iface.domain that return Constraint
abstract  Constraint LTF_Parser.ConstraintParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
          Construct a constraint based on the spec and any bindings in the MatchEnv.
 Constraint LTF_Parser.WorldStateConstraintParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.ComputeParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.MultipleAnswerComputeParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.BeforeParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.DurationParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.WindowAtParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.ResourceConstraintParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.AdviceParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
 Constraint LTF_Parser.OtherConstraintParser.makeConstraint(LList spec, MatchEnv env)
abstract  Constraint LTF_Parser.ConstraintParser.makeTemplate()
          Returns a constraint that represents the syntax of the constraints handled by this constraint-parser.
 Constraint LTF_Parser.WorldStateConstraintParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.ComputeParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.MultipleAnswerComputeParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.BeforeParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.DurationParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.WindowAtParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.ResourceConstraintParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.AdviceParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.OtherConstraintParser.makeTemplate()
 Constraint LTF_Parser.parseConstraint(java.lang.Object spec)

Methods in ix.iface.domain with parameters of type Constraint
(package private)  boolean LTF_Parser.WorldStateConstraintParser.annotateConditionType(Constraint c)
(package private)  Symbol LTF_Writer.getConstraintSubtype(Constraint c)
(package private)  void TF_Writer.outConstraint(Constraint c)
(package private)  void LTF_Writer.outConstraint(Constraint c)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iface.ui

Methods in ix.iface.ui that return Constraint
 Constraint IFormPanel.FieldChooser.collectConstraint()

Uses of Constraint in ix.iface.util

Methods in ix.iface.util with parameters of type Constraint
static java.lang.String Reporting.constraintDescription(Constraint constraint)

Uses of Constraint in ix.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 that return Constraint
(package private)  Constraint PlanMaker.fixConstraintRange(PNode node, Constraint c)

Methods in ix.ip2 that return types with arguments of type Constraint
 java.util.List<Constraint> Ip2ModelManager.getNodeTimeConstraints(PNode node)
 java.util.List<Constraint> Ip2ModelManager.getOtherNodeConstraints(PNode node)

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Constraint
 void UseCM.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void Scrum.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void ConsumeTheOnlyCM.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void ForAllCM.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void UseCM.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void Scrum.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void Ip2WorldStateManager.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void Ip2ModelManager.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void ConsumeTheOnlyCM.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void ConstraintAssociator.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void ForAllCM.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void AdviceManager.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
 void Ip2ModelManager.deleteConstraint(Constraint c)
 void UseCM.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void Scrum.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ConsumeTheOnlyCM.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ConstraintAssociator.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ForAllCM.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void UseCM.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void Scrum.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ConsumeTheOnlyCM.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ConstraintAssociator.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void ForAllCM.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
protected  void VariableManager.FilterMatcher.evalComputeFilter(Constraint c, LList restConds, MatchEnv baseEnv)
protected  void Scrum.evalConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
protected  void VariableManager.FilterMatcher.filter(Constraint c, LList restConds, MatchEnv baseEnv)
(package private)  Constraint PlanMaker.fixConstraintRange(PNode node, Constraint c)
 java.util.List<ConstraintManager> Ip2ModelManager.getConstraintManagers(Constraint c)
 java.util.List<ConstraintManager> ConstraintAssociator.getConstraintManagers(Constraint c)
 void Ip2.handleNewConstraint(Constraint constraint)
          Handles new constraints from external sources.
protected  void VariableManager.FilterMatcher.matchComputeResult(Constraint c, java.lang.Object value, LList restConds, MatchEnv baseEnv)
 boolean UseCM.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)
 boolean Scrum.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)
 boolean ConsumeTheOnlyCM.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)
 boolean ForAllCM.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)

Method parameters in ix.ip2 with type arguments of type Constraint
 void Ip2ModelManager.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, java.util.List<Constraint> constraints)
 void Ip2ModelManager.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, java.util.List<Constraint> constraints)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan that return Constraint
(package private)  Constraint SlipFindExecutable.makeCondition(PatternAssignment pv)

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type Constraint
 void TimePointNet.addConstraint(Constraint c)
 void TimePointNet.addConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
(package private) static boolean Slip.canBeUsedForEffect(Constraint effect, Refinement r, Domain d)
protected  void PlanCheckingSimulator.checkComputeCondition(Constraint c)
protected  void PlanCheckingSimulator.checkConstraint(Constraint c, PNodeEnd at)
protected abstract  void PlanCheckingSimulator.ConstraintChecker.checkConstraint(Constraint c, PNodeEnd at)
protected  void PlanCheckingSimulator.UseChecker.checkConstraint(Constraint c, PNodeEnd at)
 void TimePointNet.evalAtBegin(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
 void TimePointNet.evalAtEnd(PNodeEnd ne, Constraint c)
protected  void TimePointNet.evalBeforeConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
protected  void TimePointNet.evalConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
protected  void TimePointNet.evalDurationConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
protected  void TimePointNet.evalWindowAtConstraint(PNode node, Constraint c)
(package private)  boolean Slip.existsAchieversForCond(Constraint cond)
(package private)  java.util.List Slip.getAchieversForCond(Constraint cond)
          Returns a list of ways to achieve a condition by introducing a node.
static boolean Slip.hasCondType(Constraint c, Symbol type)
 boolean TimePointNet.mightInteract(PNodeEnd ne1, Constraint c1, PNodeEnd ne2, Constraint c2)
(package private)  boolean SlipAchieveConds.willBindVars(java.util.List evalNow, Constraint cond)
(package private)  boolean SlipFindExecutable.worldStateSatisfiesCond(Constraint cond)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iquery

Methods in ix.iquery that return Constraint
protected  Constraint LookupHandler.makeStateConstraint(LList pattern)
protected  Constraint LookupHandler.makeStateConstraint(LList pattern, java.lang.Object value)
protected  Constraint LookupHandler.makeStateConstraint(java.lang.String pattern)
protected  Constraint LookupHandler.makeStateConstraint(java.lang.String pattern, java.lang.Object value)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iserve.ipc

Methods in ix.iserve.ipc that return Constraint
 Constraint LinearIXSyntax.decodeConstraint(java.lang.String s)

Uses of Constraint in

Methods in that return Constraint
(package private)  Constraint SLReplyDecoder.decodeConstraint(java.lang.String contents)

Uses of Constraint in ix.isim.dynamic

Methods in ix.isim.dynamic that return Constraint
static Constraint ObjectAnimator.makeConstraint(java.lang.String att, java.lang.String sName, double val)

Uses of Constraint in ix.itest

Methods in ix.itest that return Constraint
protected  Constraint SendPanel.ConstraintControls.constraintFromControls()
          Construct a constraint from the current state of the GUI.

Uses of Constraint in ix.iview

Fields in ix.iview declared as Constraint
protected  Constraint ObjectConstraintEditor.typeConstraint

Methods in ix.iview that return Constraint
protected  Constraint DeclarationEditor.getVarTypeConstraint(ItemVar var)
          Looks up the var type for the given variable in the varTypeMap and makes a constraint that sets it.
protected  Constraint ObjectConstraintEditor.makeConstraint(ItemVar var, UIObjectClass oClass, java.lang.String typeProperty)
          Make a type constraint for the variable
protected  Constraint DeclarationEditor.makeTypeConstraint(ItemVar var)
          Makes a type constraint for the given variable from the current settings.
protected  Constraint ConditionEffectEditor.readCondition(java.lang.String text)
protected  Constraint ConditionEffectEditor.readCondition(Symbol condEff, java.lang.String text)

Methods in ix.iview with parameters of type Constraint
protected  void ObjectConstraintEditor.deleteConstraint(ObjectProperty prop, Constraint c)
protected  void DeclarationEditor.noteVarTypeConstraint(ItemVar var, Constraint c)
          Notes the var type for the given variable in the varTypeConstraints map
protected  boolean DeclarationEditor.removeConstraint(Constraint c)
          Remove the constraint;
protected  boolean DeclarationEditor.removeConstraint(ItemVar var, Constraint c)
          Remove the constraint;
protected  boolean DeclarationEditor.removeConstraint(ItemVar var, UIObjectClass type, Constraint c)
          Remove the constraint;
protected  boolean DeclarationEditor.removeConstraint(ItemVar var, UIObjectClass type, ObjectProperty prop, Constraint c)
          Remove the constraint;

Uses of Constraint in ix.iview.domain

Methods in ix.iview.domain that return Constraint
 Constraint UIRefinement.getTypeConstraint(ItemVar var)

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type Constraint
 GenericConstraint UIGrammar.addGenericConstraint(Constraint c)
 void UIRefinement.addOrdering(Constraint newValue)
static boolean UIRefinement.constraintMentionsNode(Constraint c, Name nodeId)
 boolean UIRefinement.deleteConstraint(Constraint c)
          Removes the given constraint;
 GenericConstraint UIGrammar.findGenericConstraint(Constraint c)
 void UIRefinement.setTypeConstraint(ItemVar var, Constraint constraint)

Uses of Constraint in ix.iview.table

Methods in ix.iview.table with parameters of type Constraint
static java.util.HashMap PropertyTableModel.noteProperty(java.util.HashMap propMap, UIObjectClass oClass, ObjectProperty prop, Constraint c)
          Note the given constraint in the given propMap under the given property.

Uses of Constraint in ix.iview.util

Methods in ix.iview.util that return Constraint
static Constraint IVUtil.findClassConstraint(ItemVar var, java.util.List constraints)
          Looks through constraints and finds the most likely for class info.
static Constraint IVUtil.readCondition(Symbol type, Symbol rel, java.lang.String text)
static Constraint IVUtil.setConstraintValue(Constraint constr, java.lang.Object val)
static Constraint IVUtil.setConstraintValue(UIObjectClass oClass, Constraint constr, java.lang.Object val)

Methods in ix.iview.util with parameters of type Constraint
static java.lang.Object IVUtil.extractType(Constraint tConstraint)
static java.lang.Object IVUtil.extractType(Constraint tConstraint, UIDomain domain)
static java.lang.Object IVUtil.getConstraintValue(Constraint constr)
static boolean IVUtil.isClassConstraint(Constraint c)
          Looks through constraints and finds the most likely for class info.
static boolean IVUtil.isClassConstraint(ItemVar var, Constraint c)
          Looks through constraints and finds the most likely for class info.
static boolean IVUtil.isEmptyConstraint(Constraint constraint)
static java.lang.String IVUtil.printCondition(Constraint cond)
static java.lang.String IVUtil.printConstraint(Constraint constraint)
static java.lang.String IVUtil.printConstraintParameters(Constraint constraint)
static java.lang.String IVUtil.propertyFromConstraint(Constraint c)
          Looks at the pattern of the given constraint and returns the string that is the first element of that pattern, i.e. the place where a property would be.
static ObjectProperty IVUtil.propertyFromConstraint(UIObjectClass oClass, Constraint c)
          Looks at the pattern of the given constraint and returns the string that is the first element of that pattern, i.e. the place where a property would be.
static java.util.Set IVUtil.removeConstraint(java.util.Set cSet, Constraint c)
static boolean IVUtil.sameConstraint(Constraint one, Constraint other)
          Determines whether the two constraints are the same.
static boolean IVUtil.sameObjectConstraint(Constraint c, Constraint otherC)
          Determines whether the two constraints are on the same thing.
static Constraint IVUtil.setConstraintValue(Constraint constr, java.lang.Object val)
static Constraint IVUtil.setConstraintValue(UIObjectClass oClass, Constraint constr, java.lang.Object val)
static ItemVar IVUtil.variableFromConstraint(Constraint c)
          Looks for an ObjectProperty in the given pattern that is defined for the given UIObjectClass.

Uses of Constraint in ix.test

Methods in ix.test that return Constraint
protected  Constraint MakeRandomInstance.makeConstraint()
(package private)  Constraint MatchStateHandler.makeConstraint(LList pattern)
(package private)  Constraint MatchStateHandler.makeConstraint(LList pattern, java.lang.Object value)
(package private)  Constraint CompendiumToIX.makeIXConstraint(org.jdom.Element elt)
(package private)  Constraint BlockStacker.worldEffect(LList pattern)

Methods in ix.test with parameters of type Constraint
(package private)  void CompendiumToIX.addConstraintToPlan(Constraint con)
          Adds a top-level constraint.

Uses of Constraint in ix.test.xml

Methods in ix.test.xml with parameters of type Constraint
(package private)  void WorldStateExport.send(IXAgent sender, Constraint effect)

Uses of Constraint in ix.util.match

Methods in ix.util.match that return Constraint
 Constraint MatchChoice.toConstraint()

Constructors in ix.util.match with parameters of type Constraint
MatchChoice(Constraint c)

Uses of Constraint in ix.util.xml

Methods in ix.util.xml with parameters of type Constraint
(package private)  org.jdom.Element BNFSyntax.ConstraintTemplate.constraintTemplate(Constraint c)

Constructors in ix.util.xml with parameters of type Constraint
BNFSyntax.ConstraintTemplate(Constraint c)