Uses of Class

Packages that use Ip2
ix.applet Support for I-P2 applets. 
ix.iface.ui I-X user interfaces. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iserve The I-Serve agent and related classes. 
ix.postix Minimal I-X Process Panels 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 

Uses of Ip2 in ix.applet

Fields in ix.applet declared as Ip2
(package private)  Ip2 AppletCommunicationStrategy.agent

Uses of Ip2 in ix.iface.ui

Fields in ix.iface.ui declared as Ip2
(package private)  Ip2 HTMLPanel.LinkPopupMenu.ip2

Constructors in ix.iface.ui with parameters of type Ip2
HTMLPanel.LinkPopupMenu(Ip2 ip2, url, boolean maybePlan, boolean maybeDomain)

Uses of Ip2 in ix.ip2

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.ip2
 class Ip2Applet.AppletIp2

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as Ip2
protected  Ip2 ItemEditor.agent
protected  Ip2 AgendaTableViewer.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 TransformToActivityHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 TimelineViewer.ip2
protected  Ip2 StateViewTable.ip2
protected  Ip2 SyncState.ip2
protected  Ip2 SyncState.SyncStateHandler.ip2
protected  Ip2 ShowURLHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 PlanMaker.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 PerformAsActivityHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ObjectWhiteboard.ip2
protected  Ip2 LoadPlanHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 LoadPlanFrame.ip2
protected  Ip2 LoadDomainHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 Ip2XMLConfig.LookItem.ip2
protected  Ip2 Ip2ModelManager.ip2
protected  Ip2 Ip2Frame.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 IVarTool.ip2
protected  Ip2 ExpandHandler.ip2
protected  Ip2 ConditionHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 CompletionHandler.ip2
protected  Ip2 BindingViewer.ip2
protected  Ip2 AnnotationViewTable.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ForAllCM.ip2
protected  Ip2 AgendaViewTable.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ActivityInsertionEditor.ip2
protected  Ip2 AbstractAgendaItemPopupMenu.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 that return Ip2
 Ip2 PanelController.getAgent()
 Ip2 Ip2ModelManager.getIp2()

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Ip2
static ItemHandler ItemHandler.makeHandler(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String className)
          Constructs an instance of the class with the specified name.
 void SyncStateClient.ChangeMessage.receivedBy(IPlanOptionManager.Opt option, Ip2 modelHolder)
 void SyncStateClient.DeleteMessage.receivedBy(IPlanOptionManager.Opt option, Ip2 modelHolder)

Constructors in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Ip2
AbstractAgendaItemPopupMenu(Ip2 ip2, AgendaItem item)
ActivityInsertionEditor(Ip2 ip2)
ActivityTableViewer(Ip2 ip2)
ActivityViewTable(Ip2 ip2)
AgendaTableViewer(Ip2 ip2)
          Constructs a viewer for the indicated agent.
AgendaViewTable(Ip2 ip2)
          Constructs a viewer for the indicated agent.
AnnotationEditor(Ip2 ip2)
AnnotationViewTable(Ip2 ip2)
          Constructs a viewer for the indicated agent.
BindingViewer(Ip2 ip2, java.util.Set vars)
CompletionHandler(Ip2 ip2)
ConditionHandler(Ip2 ip2)
ExpandHandler(Ip2 ip2)
ForAllCM(Ip2 ip2)
FrameSnapshotExtension(Ip2 ip2)
Ip2Applet.AppletIp2Frame(Ip2 ip2)
Ip2Frame(Ip2 ip2)
Ip2ModelManager(Ip2 ip2)
IssueTableViewer(Ip2 ip2)
IssueViewTable(Ip2 ip2)
IVarTool(Ip2 ip2)
LoadDomainHandler(Ip2 ip2)
LoadPlanFrame(Ip2 ip2, Activity act, Plan plan)
LoadPlanHandler(Ip2 ip2)
LoadPlanHandler(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String verb)
LoadStateHandler(Ip2 ip2)
NewIp2Frame(Ip2 ip2)
ObjectViewExtension(Ip2 ip2)
ObjectWhiteboard(Ip2 ip2)
          Create a viewer for the indicated agent.
ObjectWhiteboard(Ip2 ip2, java.util.SortedMap nameToViews)
          Create a viewer for the indicated agent with references to any existing views.
PanelController(Ip2 ip2)
PerformAsActivityHandler(Ip2 ip2)
PlanInstaller(Ip2 ip2, Plan plan)
PlanMaker(Ip2 ip2)
ShowURLHandler(Ip2 ip2)
StateViewTable(Ip2 ip2)
          Constructs a viewer for the indicated agent.
SyncState.SyncStateHandler(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String description)
SyncState(Ip2 ip2)
SyncStateClient.SyncStateClientHandler(Ip2 ip2)
SyncStateClient(Ip2 ip2)
SyncStateServer.SyncStateServerHandler(Ip2 ip2)
SyncStateServer(Ip2 ip2)
TimelineViewer.TimelineFrame(Ip2 ip2)
TimelineViewer(Ip2 ip2)
TransformToActivityHandler(Ip2 ip2)

Uses of Ip2 in ix.iplan

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.iplan
 class IPlan
          An interactive planner.
static class IPlanOptionManager.ModelHolder
 class PlannerBase
          A base class for GUI-less planners.
 class Slip
          Semi-linear planner.
 class Thatcher
          Simple, non-backtracking, pure HTN planning algorithm.

Fields in ix.iplan declared as Ip2
(package private)  Ip2 IPlanOptionTool.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 IPlanOptionManager.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 IPlanTool.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ChecksimPlanEvaluation.ip2

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type Ip2
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.connectYourself(Ip2 ip2)
 PlanEvaluation PlanEvalManager.evalSafely(PlanEvaluator e, Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optionName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.TaskDescriptionEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.IssueCountEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.NodeCountEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.LongestPathLengthEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.ObjectUseEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.ObjectCountEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
 PlanEvaluation TechnicalPlanEvalManager.ChecksimEval.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optName)
abstract  PlanEvaluation PlanEvaluator.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optionName)
 java.util.Map PlanEvalManager.evaluatePlan(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optionName)
 void IPlanOptionManager.ReportMessage.receivedBy(IPlanOptionManager.Opt option, Ip2 modelHolder)
abstract  void IPlanOptionManager.PseudoMessage.receivedBy(IPlanOptionManager.Opt option, Ip2 modelHolder)
 void IPlanOptionManager.SyncMessage.receivedBy(IPlanOptionManager.Opt option, Ip2 modelHolder)

Constructors in ix.iplan with parameters of type Ip2
ChecksimPlanEvaluation(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String optionName)
IPlanFrame(Ip2 ip2)
IPlanModelManager(Ip2 ip2)
IPlanOptionManager(Ip2 ip2)
IPlanOptionTool(Ip2 ip2)
IPlanTool(Ip2 ip2)
PlanCheckingSimulator.CheckingInterpreter(Ip2 ip2)
PlanCheckingSimulator(Ip2 ip2)
          Creates a simulator for the specified agent's current plan.

Uses of Ip2 in ix.iserve

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.iserve
 class IServe
          A process panel that also acts as an HTTP server.

Uses of Ip2 in ix.isim

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.isim
 class ISim
          This class is the entry point for starting an ISim agent.

Uses of Ip2 in ix.postix

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.postix
 class Postix
          A minimized I-P2 class and application main program.

Uses of Ip2 in ix.test

Subclasses of Ip2 in ix.test
 class Ip2Example
          An example of various ways to entend BasicIp2.
 class Ip2Test
          A version of Ip2 used to test and debug/
 class MultiAgentIp2
 class PlainIp2
          An I-P2 without a GUI.
 class SimpleExpandingSimulator

Fields in ix.test declared as Ip2
(package private)  Ip2 TestAutoHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 StateExportExtension.ip2
protected  Ip2 SimpleRSim.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 MatchStateHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 MatchChoiceHandler.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ExtensionExample.ip2
(package private)  Ip2 ComputeExtensionExample.ip2
protected  Ip2 ChangeSymbolNameHandler.ip2

Constructors in ix.test with parameters of type Ip2
ChangeSymbolNameHandler(Ip2 ip2)
ComputeExtensionExample(Ip2 ip2)
ExtensionExample(Ip2 ip2)
MatchChoiceHandler(Ip2 ip2)
MatchStateHandler(Ip2 ip2)
MatchStateHandler(Ip2 ip2, java.lang.String verb)
SimpleRSim(Ip2 ip2)
          Creates a simulator for the specified agent's current plan.
StateExportExtension(Ip2 ip2)
TestAutoHandler(Ip2 ip2)