Uses of Interface

Packages that use Function1
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.domain Domain descriptions. 
ix.icore.process Classes for representing processes. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.lisp List-processing utilities. 
ix.util.match Pattern-matching utilities. 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of Function1 in ix.icore

Methods in ix.icore with parameters of type Function1
 Issue Issue.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)

Uses of Function1 in ix.icore.domain

Methods in ix.icore.domain with parameters of type Function1
 Refinement Refinement.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)
          Returns a copy of this refinement in which each ItemVar that has a value in the MatchEnv has been replaced by that value.
 PatternAssignment PatternAssignment.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)
 NodeSpec NodeSpec.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)
 java.lang.Object Instantiable.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)
 Constraint Constraint.instantiate(MatchEnv env, Function1 ifUnbound)

Uses of Function1 in ix.icore.process

Classes in ix.icore.process that implement Function1
protected  class PNode.MakeVarIfUnbound

Uses of Function1 in ix.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type Function1
 java.util.SortedSet ObjectView.getInitialObjects(java.util.Map worldState, Function1 lookup)
 java.util.SortedSet ObjectView.getNewObjects(java.util.Map newState, java.util.Set knownObjects, Function1 lookup)
 boolean ObjectView.isRelevantObject(java.lang.Object obj, Function1 lookup)

Uses of Function1 in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type Function1
(package private)  void DomainAnalyser.askLoop(java.lang.String resultDescr, Function1 f)

Uses of Function1 in ix.test

Classes in ix.test that implement Function1
(package private)  class SimpleRSim.RecordIfUnbound

Uses of Function1 in ix.util

Fields in ix.util declared as Function1
static Function1 Fn.identity
          The identity function.

Methods in ix.util that return Function1
static Function1 Fn.accessor(java.lang.Class c, java.lang.String methodName)
          Returns a function that calls the 0-argument method specified by a class and method name.
static Function1 Fn.always(java.lang.Object value)
          Returns a function that always returns the same value.
static Function1 Seq.elementAdder(Collector c)
static Function1 Collect.toFunction(java.util.Map m)
          Returns a function based on the map.

Methods in ix.util with parameters of type Function1
 void FanComposer.apply(Function1 f)
static java.lang.String Collect.elementsToString(java.util.Collection c, Function1 f)
          Returns the toString() representation of the elements of the collection as transformed by the function and separated by commas.
static void Seq.forEach(java.util.Enumeration e, Function1 f)
          Applies a Function1 to each element of an Enumeration and discards the results.
static DirectedGraph Graphs.makeDirectedGraph(java.util.Collection roots, Function1 f)
          Makes a directed graph from a collection of root vertices and a function that maps each vertex to its successors.
static java.util.Collection result, java.util.Collection c, Function1 f)
          Returns the result collection after adding the values returned by a function applied to each element of another collection.
static java.util.Collection c, Function1 f)
          Returns a new collection of the same class as the original and with corresponding elements obtained by calling the specified function.
static java.util.Enumeration e, Function1 f)
          Takes an Enumeration e and a Function1 f and returns a "wrapper" Enumeration w such that each element of w is the result of calling f on the corresponding element of e.

Uses of Function1 in ix.util.lisp

Subinterfaces of Function1 in ix.util.lisp
protected static interface LListCollector.adderFunction

Methods in ix.util.lisp that return Function1
 Function1 LListCollector.elementAdder()
 Function1 LListCollector.elementPusher()
 Function1 LListCollector.llistAppender()
 Function1 LListCollector.llistConcer()

Methods in ix.util.lisp with parameters of type Function1
 LList LList.flatmap(Function1 f)
 LList LList.mapc(Function1 f)
 LList LList.mapcar(Function1 f)
 LList LList.mapTree(Function1 f)
 void LList.walkTree(Function1 f)

Uses of Function1 in ix.util.match

Methods in ix.util.match with parameters of type Function1
 java.lang.Object MatchEnv.instantiate(java.lang.Object obj, Function1 ifUnbound)
 java.lang.Object MatchEnv.instantiateTree(java.lang.Object tree, Function1 ifUnbound)

Uses of Function1 in ix.util.xml

Fields in ix.util.xml declared as Function1
protected  Function1 XMLTranslator.postfilter
protected  Function1 XMLTranslator.prefilter

Methods in ix.util.xml with parameters of type Function1
 void XMLTranslator.setPostfilter(Function1 f)
 void XMLTranslator.setPrefilter(Function1 f)