Uses of Interface

Packages that use IPC.CommunicationStrategy
ix.applet Support for I-P2 applets. 
ix.http The "http" communication strategy. 
ix.iserve The I-Serve agent and related classes. 
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.ipc Interprocess communication utilities. 

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.applet

Classes in ix.applet that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class AppletCommunicationStrategy
          Lets I-P2 applets talk with each other.
(package private) static class MessageServer.Strategy
          A communication strategy used by both the message-server and its clients.

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.http

Classes in ix.http that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class HttpCommunicationStrategy
          A communication strategy that uses HTTP to transport messages.

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.iserve

Classes in ix.iserve that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class IserveCommunicationStrategy
          A communication strategy that can be called "iserve".

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.iserve.ipc

Classes in ix.iserve.ipc that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class IServeCommStrategy
          A communication strategy that sends all messages via a server.

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.test

Classes in ix.test that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class FilterStrategy
 class TestStrategy
          A comm strategy that can be edited to test various things.
(package private) static class XMLSendTest.TestStrategy

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.util

Subinterfaces of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.util
static interface IPC.SocketlikeCommunicationStrategy
          A CommunicationStrategy that provides "connections" analogous to sockets and a visible mapping from destination names to the data needed to establish a connection.

Classes in ix.util that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
static class IPC.EmptyCommunicationStrategy
          A strategy that just throws an exception whenever the agent tries to send.
static class IPC.SimpleIXCommunicationStrategy
          An ObjectStream communication strategy for I-X agents.
static class IPC.SimpleIXXMLCommunicationStrategy
          An XMLObjectStream communication strategy for I-X agents.
static class IPC.XMLObjectStreamCommunicationStrategy
          A version of ObjectStreamCommunicationStrategy that encodes the message contents in XML rather than serializing.

Fields in ix.util declared as IPC.CommunicationStrategy
(package private) static IPC.CommunicationStrategy IPC.communicationStrategy
          The communication strategy used by the static methods of this class that do not have a communication strategy as a parameter.

Methods in ix.util that return IPC.CommunicationStrategy
protected static IPC.CommunicationStrategy IPC.evalStrategyExpr(java.lang.String e)
          Evaluate the description of a ParameterizedCommStrategy.
static IPC.CommunicationStrategy IPC.getCommunicationStrategy()
          Returns the communication strategy used by the static methods of this class that do not have a communication strategy as a parameter.
static IPC.CommunicationStrategy IPC.makeCommunicationStrategy(java.lang.String strategyName)
          Returns a CommunicationStrategy based on a name, name, that is either an expression containing a colon, a special abbreviation or the name of a class.

Methods in ix.util with parameters of type IPC.CommunicationStrategy
static void IPC.setCommunicationStrategy(IPC.CommunicationStrategy s)
          Sets the communication strategy used by the static methods of this class that do not have a communication strategy as a parameter.

Uses of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.util.ipc

Subinterfaces of IPC.CommunicationStrategy in ix.util.ipc
 interface ParameterizedCommStrategy
          A communication strategy that can be given parameters that are usually the names of other communication strategies or communication strategy expressions.

Classes in ix.util.ipc that implement IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 class DispatchingStrategy
 class SeparateStrategy
 class SerializedCommunicationStrategy
          A communication strategy in which a destination is mapped to a host and port number, and objects are sent by writing their serialization to a socket.
 class TracingStrategy
          A wrapper strategy that describes the input and output as XML.
 class WrapperStrategy
          A communication strategy that is wrapped around another, "inner", strategy.

Fields in ix.util.ipc declared as IPC.CommunicationStrategy
(package private)  IPC.CommunicationStrategy WrapperStrategy.innerStrategy
(package private)  IPC.CommunicationStrategy DispatchingStrategy.Strategy.strategy

Methods in ix.util.ipc that return IPC.CommunicationStrategy
 IPC.CommunicationStrategy WrapperStrategy.apply(java.lang.String[] args)
 IPC.CommunicationStrategy ParameterizedCommStrategy.apply(java.lang.String[] args)
          Process the arguments in whatever way is appropriate.
 IPC.CommunicationStrategy DispatchingStrategy.apply(java.lang.String[] args)
(package private)  IPC.CommunicationStrategy DispatchingStrategy.Strategy.getStrategy()

Constructors in ix.util.ipc with parameters of type IPC.CommunicationStrategy
SeparateStrategy(IPC.CommunicationStrategy innerStrategy)
TracingStrategy(IPC.CommunicationStrategy innerStrategy)
WrapperStrategy(IPC.CommunicationStrategy innerStrategy)