Uses of Class

Packages that use IXAgent
ix.icore I-X core classes. 
ix.icore.event Interfaces and classes for events related to classes in the ix.icore package. 
ix.icore.log Classes for object history and event-log entries. 
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iquery I-Q, an I-X Query agent. 
ix.iserve The I-Serve agent and related classes. 
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.itest I-Test. 
ix.iview Viewers. 
ix.postix Minimal I-X Process Panels 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.test.xml Experiments with new classes that could be converted to and from XML. 
ix.util.ipc Interprocess communication utilities. 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of IXAgent in ix.ichat

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.ichat
 class IChat
          A class for I-Chat as a standalone application main program

Fields in ix.ichat declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent ChatFrame.agent

Constructors in ix.ichat with parameters of type IXAgent
ChatFrame.ChatSendPanel(IXAgent agent)
ChatFrame(IXAgent agent, java.lang.String title)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.icore

Fields in ix.icore declared as IXAgent
protected static IXAgent IXAgent.mainAgent

Methods in ix.icore that return IXAgent
static IXAgent IXAgent.getAgent()
          Returns an object that represents the agent.

Methods in ix.icore that return types with arguments of type IXAgent
static java.util.Set<IXAgent> IXAgent.getKnownAgents()
          Returns a set containing all IXAgents that have not been garbage-collected.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.icore.event

Methods in ix.icore.event that return IXAgent
 IXAgent AgentEvent.getAgent()

Constructors in ix.icore.event with parameters of type IXAgent
AgentEvent(IXAgent source)
AgentNameEvent(IXAgent source, java.lang.String oldName, java.lang.String newName)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.icore.log

Fields in ix.icore.log declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent EventLogger.agent

Constructors in ix.icore.log with parameters of type IXAgent
EventLogger(IXAgent agent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.ip2

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.ip2
 class Ip2
          The generic I-P2 class and application main program
 class Ip2Applet.AppletIp2

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent SyncSimulationTimeHandler.agent
(package private)  IXAgent SetCapabilitiesHandler.agent
protected  IXAgent PanelFrame.agent
protected  IXAgent ForwardingHandler.agent
(package private)  IXAgent ConnectHandler.agent

Methods in ix.ip2 that return IXAgent
 IXAgent PanelFrame.getAgent()

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type IXAgent
 InternalDomainEditor PanelFrame.makeDomainEditor(IXAgent agent, Domain dom)
          Constructs the domain editor for this panel.

Constructors in ix.ip2 with parameters of type IXAgent
ConnectHandler(IXAgent agent)
ForwardingHandler(IXAgent agent, java.lang.String action, AgentRelationship rel, boolean reportBack)
InvokeHandler(IXAgent agent)
PanelFrame(IXAgent agent)
SetCapabilitiesHandler(IXAgent agent)
SyncSimulationTimeHandler(IXAgent agent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.iplan

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.iplan
 class IPlan
          An interactive planner.
static class IPlanOptionManager.ModelHolder
 class PlannerBase
          A base class for GUI-less planners.
 class Slip
          Semi-linear planner.
 class Thatcher
          Simple, non-backtracking, pure HTN planning algorithm.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.iquery

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.iquery
 class IQuery
          Generic base for simple information source I-X agents.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.iserve

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.iserve
 class IServe
          A process panel that also acts as an HTTP server.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.isim

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.isim
 class ISim
          This class is the entry point for starting an ISim agent.

Fields in ix.isim declared as IXAgent
protected  IXAgent ISimTimer.owner
          the IXAgent to which this timer belongs

Methods in ix.isim with parameters of type IXAgent
static ISimTimer ISimTimer.getISimTimer(IXAgent agent)
          Factory for getting the right kind of timer for this agent.

Constructors in ix.isim with parameters of type IXAgent
ISimTimer(IXAgent agent)
          Protected constructor for use by sub-classes.
ISimTimerClient(IXAgent agent)
ISimTimerServer(IXAgent agent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.ispace

Fields in ix.ispace declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent ISpaceTool.agent
protected  IXAgent GroupSender.agent

Constructors in ix.ispace with parameters of type IXAgent
GroupSender(IXAgent agent, Sendable contents)
ISpaceTool(IXAgent agent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.itest

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.itest
 class Itest
          The generic I-TEST class and application main program.

Fields in ix.itest declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent SendPanel.agent
(package private)  IXAgent ReceivePanel.agent

Constructors in ix.itest with parameters of type IXAgent
DestinationChoice(IXAgent agent, javax.swing.ComboBoxModel model)
DestinationChoice(IXAgent agent, java.lang.Object[] specialItems)
ReceivePanel(IXAgent agent)
SendPanel(IXAgent agent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.iview

Fields in ix.iview declared as IXAgent
protected  IXAgent DomainEditorFrame.agent
protected  IXAgent DomainEditor.agent
(package private)  IXAgent SimpleDomainEditor.agent

Methods in ix.iview with parameters of type IXAgent
 void DomainEditorFrame.makeTitle(IXAgent theAgent)
          Makes the editor title and ensures not-stand-alone visuals.

Constructors in ix.iview with parameters of type IXAgent
DomainEditor(IXAgent theAgent, Domain domain)
          Makes the editor with the given domain in not-stand-alone mode.
SimpleDomainEditor(IXAgent agent, Domain dom)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.postix

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.postix
 class Postix
          A minimized I-P2 class and application main program.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.test

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.test
 class Ip2Example
          An example of various ways to entend BasicIp2.
 class Ip2Test
          A version of Ip2 used to test and debug/
 class MultiAgentIp2
 class PlainIp2
          An I-P2 without a GUI.
 class SimpleExpandingSimulator
 class SimpleIQuery
          An example of a very simple I-Q agent.
 class SimpleIXAgent
          An example of a very simple I-X agent.

Uses of IXAgent in ix.test.xml

Methods in ix.test.xml with parameters of type IXAgent
 void WorldStateExport.handleStateChange(java.util.Map delta, IXAgent sender)
(package private)  void WorldStateExport.send(IXAgent sender, Constraint effect)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.util.ipc

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.util.ipc
(package private)  class SeparateStrategy.SeparateAgent
(package private) static class SimpleNameServer.MiniAgent

Fields in ix.util.ipc declared as IXAgent
(package private)  IXAgent DispatchingStrategy.agent
(package private)  IXAgent SeparateStrategy.SeparateAgent.baseAgent

Constructors in ix.util.ipc with parameters of type IXAgent
SeparateStrategy.SeparateAgent(IXAgent baseAgent)

Uses of IXAgent in ix.util.xml

Subclasses of IXAgent in ix.util.xml
 class XMLTreeEditor
          An XML tree editor as a standalone application main program and I-X agent.

Fields in ix.util.xml declared as IXAgent
protected  IXAgent XMLTreeEditFrame.agent

Methods in ix.util.xml that return IXAgent
 IXAgent XMLTreeEditFrame.getAgent()

Constructors in ix.util.xml with parameters of type IXAgent
XMLTreeEditFrame(IXAgent agent)
XMLTreeEditFrame(IXAgent agent, java.lang.String title)
XMLTreeEditor.MessageFrame(IXAgent agent)
XMLTreeViewFrame(IXAgent agent, java.lang.String title)